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At the law firm of Johnstone Carroll, LLC, our Phoenix bad faith insurance attorneys represent clients in disputes with insurance companies, including cases involving both personal and commercial lines.

We file claims in Arizona against brokers, agents and insurance companies for issues including:

  • Wrongful denial of claims
  • Delays in paying claims
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Failure to obtain enough or the right kind of insurance by the agent or broker

Personal Insurance Disputes

If your insurance company denies your claim or gives you a lowball offer, you don’t have to take it without a fight. Our attorneys are ready to help you recover the full amount of money or insurance coverage you are entitled to under your policy.

Personal Insurance Disputes Our Attorneys Handle

We help people with the following types of bad faith insurance claims:

  • Denied or reduced homeowners insurance claims
  • Motor vehicle accident claims against your uninsured/underinsured motorist policy
  • Denied life insurance claims
  • Bad faith failure to settle a claim against the insured
  • Bad faith failure to defend the insured in a lawsuit
  • Denied short term limited duration health insurance claims
  • Denied umbrella insurance claims
  • Denied or delayed workers compensation claims
  • Wrongfully denying insurance claims, or delaying resolution in the hope that a policyholder will just give up, are common examples of bad faith on the part of the insurance company.

Short-Term Insurance Policy Disputes Attorneys

Short-term plans do not have to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s requirements. Because of this, there are critical differences between these short-term policies and standard group health insurance policies or ACA policies. 

Some of those differences include:

  • Pre-existing conditions exclusions can go back as far as five years
  • Pre-existing conditions can be very broadly defined, giving insurers much wiggle room when deciding to pay claims or deny them.
  • Can charge higher premiums
  • Can impose annual or lifetime limits
  • Can opt not to cover entire categories of benefits

If you’re not getting compensation for any of these reasons and you want to file a dispute, we’ll help you take the next steps towards getting what you deserve.

Commercial Insurance Disputes

Do you own a business and had your insurance company deny your claim? We can help you obtain full and fair insurance compensation.

Commercial Insurance Cases We Handle

Our law firm offers cost-effective representation for types of all business insurance disputes including those disputes involving:

  • Storm, wind and weather damage to commercial buildings and grounds
  • Fire claims
  • Product damage claims
  • Commercial general liability
  • Executives, directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability defense
  • Errors and omissions
  • Failure to procure adequate coverage by an agent or broker
  • Cyber-attack insurance

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Our bad faith insurance dispute attorneys help clients with insurance claim problems in Phoenix and surrounding areas. We utilize and partner with qualified, local Arizona attorneys. Schedule your free initial consultation with our insurance lawyers today! 

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