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Short-Term Insurance Plans Ruling Will Drive Up Costs and Lower Coverage Availability for the Sick and Afflicted


Short-term insurance rulingDespite many major health care groups opposing the expansion of eligibility for short-term health insurance, federal regulators have decided to go through with approving the bill. Originally, these plans were only allowed to be used for up to three months, with no renewals possible. The new ruling has changed things so that people can have these plans for up to a year and even renew them for up to a maximum of 36 months. This expansion will go into effect as of early October.

As I have said before, these plans offer limited coverage and contain exclusions for “pre-existing conditions”  written so broadly that they nearly swallow all coverage provided by the policies. Many health care and advocacy groups, including my own charitable organization, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, opposed this regulatory change.  Please see the attached article posted by the society: Multiple Sclerosis

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This ruling could put many Alabamians at risk of having poor coverage or having health claims wrongfully denied. If you have a short term policy and have had a health claim denied, please contact us. We can stand by your side, legally advise you of your options, and  fight for you in court. Call us today at 205-383-1809 or contact us online to get a trusted professional litigator on your side.

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