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Short-Term Health Insurance Won’t Cover Your COVID-19 Test


A recent article in Consumer Reports details reasons people have received “surprise” medical bills for COVID-19 testing.

These bills are a mistake in “three of four” of the cases. However, that fourth case usually comes from someone having a short term health insurance policy.

Short-term health insurance plans often do not cover testing and do not meet the basic, federal requirements for coverage. As a result, short-term health insurance policy holders do not benefit from the designated federal funding.

If you have a short term policy and your insurance company has not paid for your COVID 19 testing, call us and we will be happy to take a look at your situation. As testing continues, the problem of “surprise bills” found amongĀ  short-term health insurance policy holders will continue to rise. Unless, of course, these insurance companies become more transparent about their lack of coverage.

The full article is found here.