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Consumer alert – HCC Life Short Term Health Insurance

Our firm has become aware of this health insurance product that has been marketed to consumers as an inexpensive way to get major medical health care coverage.  Unfortunately, the HCC Life short-term health insurance product may not live up to the hype. We currently have one lawsuit filed against HCC Life and are investigating others. […] Read More

Recovering Damages Through The Jones Act

Unfortunately, federal and state workers’ compensation laws are tailored to land-based employees and often exclude individuals who earn their living as seamen. Because of this, maritime workers injured at sea or on other waterways must rely on the Jones Act and other maritime law. What is the Jones Act? The Jones Act is more formally […] Read More

Hurricane Harvey: Insurance Implications

Hurricane Harvey recently swept through parts of Alabama. Take the following steps to help you navigate the often complex residential or commercial insurance claims process: Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report the claim. This is a very important step, even if your insurer’s claims center says it’s unnecessary to call in […] Read More

What You Need To Know About Filing Cruise Ship Claims

Cruise ships are back in Mobile, enabling locals to easily access four and five day jaunts to Mexico. These regularly scheduled trips are a far cry from the disasters the city had to handle a few years ago, when disabled cruise ships required emergency assistance. While you hope your planned cruise doesn’t end in calamity […] Read More