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Help: HCC Life Insurance Keeps Saying That They Need More Information But My Doctors Have Sent Them Everything

We have commented before on this in our blog about HCC Life Insurance. They sold a short term health care policy that promised to pay for major medical care. Unfortunately, instead of timely paying claims, we have seen instances of HCC Life Insurance continually requesting and re-requesting information from medical providers that has already been […] Read More

What To Do Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

We have all heard it before: “Accidents happen all the time.” While this may be a cliche, it remains all too true. Accidents happen quite often, especially on the road with people always traveling to get somewhere at any given time. In fact, here in Alabama, fatalities from traffic accidents increased nearly a quarter from […] Read More

El Faro Maritime Disaster

Back in 2015, the entire 33-member crew of the freighter El Faro were killed in a devastating tragedy. The accident, which has been labeled one of the worst U.S. maritime disasters in modern times, occurred during a trip from Florida to Puerto Rico. Recent investigations into the maritime accident have revealed that the ship’s captain […] Read More

Pleasure Boat Collides With Barge Leaving 1 Dead, 3 Hospitalized

An early morning collision occurred on Sunday, November 19th between a boat and barge which left one woman dead and three others hospitalized. The cause of the crash is under further investigation, but according to a news release from the U.S. Coastguard, it was the boat that crashed into the barge around 4:15 a.m. near […] Read More