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A Look At The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Ocsla

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A Look At The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Ocsla

As a maritime oil rig worker, you are subjected to a range of hazards every day on the job....

Punitive Damages And Maritime Injury Law

Maritime workers along the waterways of the Tennessee and Tombigbee Rivers deal with dangerous working situations regularly. Long hours...

Cruise Ships Return To Mobile

For the first time since 2011, cruise ships will be returning to Alabama. Cruise ships are now making Mobile...

Eleventh Circuit Decision Shows That Insurance Bad Faith Persists In Alabama

In Atlantic Specialty Insurance Co. v. Mr. Charlie Adventures, LLC, a case arising out of Mobile, the Eleventh Circuit Court...

In Bad Faith Lawsuits Against Insurance Companies Policyholders Are Usually Entitled To The Claim File

In bad faith cases against insurance companies, policyholders are usually entitled to see a copy of the insurance company’s...

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