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Non Compete Contracts And Enforcement

If your former employer or business partner wants you to sign a non-compete agreement, obtaining another job in your field may become problematic. It’s crucial to understand exactly what you’re signing and the extent of the limitations. Before signing any such document, it’s wise to hire a business attorney to review the non-compete agreement and […] Read More

A Look At The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Ocsla

As a maritime oil rig worker, you are subjected to a range of hazards every day on the job. Your work on rigs, floating dry-docks and other structures and facilities miles out in the Gulf of Mexico often places you in harm’s way. Unfortunately, despite your awareness of these dangers and existing safety measures, accidents […] Read More

Punitive Damages And Maritime Injury Law

Maritime workers along the waterways of the Tennessee and Tombigbee Rivers deal with dangerous working situations regularly. Long hours toiling on ships, boats and other vessels, while working around heavy machinery and on wet and slippery surfaces presents many safety challenges. If you are injured while performing your work duties, you likely have the right […] Read More

Cruise Ships Return To Mobile

For the first time since 2011, cruise ships will be returning to Alabama. Cruise ships are now making Mobile a scheduled stop, a boon to the local economy and an opportunity for residents to begin cruises closer to home. Cruises promise relaxation, entertainment, plenty of food and interesting ports of call. Most of the time, […] Read More