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Injured While Working at Sea?

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Injured While Working at Sea?

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Pursuing financial compensation after being injured at sea can be quite challenging. Maritime law is complex because the specific circumstances surrounding your injury, your job position and the location of your injury all define what type of coverage you can seek and under what circumstances.

Longshore and Harbor Workers Act

This federal law protects individuals who are injured while performing work-related duties on or adjoining navigable waters within the United States. This includes people repairing ships, building ships, longshore workers, harbor construction workers and shipbreakers. Adjoining areas can include docks, piers, terminals, and areas used for unloading. Three main exclusions exist for coverage under this act: those who cause their own injuries, U.S. government employees and seaman don’t qualify for this act.

The Jones Act

The Jones Act specifically covers seamen who have been injured by their employer’s negligence. When an employer is at fault for a seaman’s injuries, the Jones Act allows seaman to seek compensation for medical benefits, physical pain, and suffering, mental damages and losses in earning capacity.

Alabama Maritime Injury Attorneys

The law firm of Johnstone Carroll, LLC, strongly focuses on maritime law issues, and our attorneys are uniquely qualified to help represent injured crew members or recreational boaters. Our focus on maritime law gives us a huge advantage when dealing with compensation based on the Jones Act or Longshore and Harbor Workers Act. If you decide to seek compensation after an injury on a boat or ship, then it’s crucial that you hire attorneys who are well-versed and experienced in this area. Contact our Birmingham law office at 205-383-1809.

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