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Crock-Pots Recalled After More than 100 Burn-Injury Reports!



Did you buy a crock-pot multicooker manufactured from July 1, 2017 to October 1, 2018? You might want to hold off on using it this Thanksgiving!


Sunbeam, the manufacturer, is doing a nationwide recall for the multicookers. There has been over 100 reports of burn-injury reports, ranging from first- to third-degree burns. Sunbeam believes it is mostly due to improper use, but they have taken steps to alleviate this problem. The lids have new iconography and a quick-reference guide, plus the pot will not start until the lid is locked in place. The crock-pot is still safe to use, technically. Sunbeam just recommends that the lids stays fully locked in pressure-cooker mode.

There is a link in this article that will take you to the recall page if you have one of these crock-pots.