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Federal Court Orders President to Accept New DACA Applicants

The order, handed down after a month of uncertainty from the initial ruling that saved DACA, forces USCIS to begin taking new applications for Dreamers. Since September 2017, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have only been renewing DACA applications. They have refused to accept new applications. The ruling from June and the subsequent order rescinds […] Read More

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Bad Short Term Health Care Policy Regulation

The  Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit recently upheld a federal regulation allowing for the expanded access to short term health insurance policies. The ruling rejected an appeal by consumer groups that challenged the regulation on the grounds that it was bad for consumers and was an attempt to do an “end-run” around the requirements […] Read More

The Federal Government Cracks Down on a Kickback Scheme

A grand jury has indicted four men on an allegedly $34 million kickback scheme. The felonies in question are conspiracy and fraud.  Specifically, conspiracy and fraud relating to a federal health care program.  Currently, there is no set trial date, but there will definitely be consequences from this move by the U.S government. The full […] Read More

Mega-Research Firm Gartner Sues Insurer for Refusing to Pay Losses From Events Cancelled Due to COVID-19

    Gartner, a large research and consulting firm that hosts events worldwide recently filed suit against insurer U.S. Specialty Insurance Company for refusing to honor coverage under special event cancellation coverage purchased by Gartner. Click here to read a copy of the complaint.