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Junk Policy Alert!

Consumers continue to get ripped off by short term health care plans. As part of our continuing coverage and fight against the short term insurance crisis, please review this latest opinion piece in the Hill.

$34 Million Award to State Farm Policyholders

Life insurance is one of those things everyone should have but no one really wants it to be used. One specific type is universal life insurance, which is meant to provide lifetime coverage and includes an interest-bearing savings account that the insurer deducts money from each month to cover the cost of the life insurance. […] Read More

Help: HCC Life Insurance Keeps Saying That They Need More Information But My Doctors Have Sent Them Everything

We have commented before on this in our blog about HCC Life Insurance. They sold a short term health care policy that promised to pay for major medical care. Unfortunately, instead of timely paying claims, we have seen instances of HCC Life Insurance continually requesting and re-requesting information from medical providers that has already been […] Read More

When Life Insurance Companies Deny Claims Based On Answers In The Application

Life insurance can be a necessary safety net in the case of the death of a loved one. As a result, many states have laws saying that an insurance company cannot deny a claim because of an incorrect answer on the policy application after two years. Unfortunately, insurance companies take these laws to mean that […] Read More