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Federal Appeals Court Upholds Bad Short Term Health Care Policy Regulation

The  Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit recently upheld a federal regulation allowing for the expanded access to short term health insurance policies. The ruling rejected an appeal by consumer groups that challenged the regulation on the grounds that it was bad for consumers and was an attempt to do an “end-run” around the requirements […] Read More

Surprise! You Owe $150,000 in Medical Bills

You work hard. You are responsible. You purchased health insurance. You went to the hospital for an emergency visit. Your insurance will take care of it, right? Maybe not. We see more and more people who have been left with devastating medical bills after an emergency visit to the hospital. This can happen for several […] Read More

Court Second Guesses Doctors Treatment In Disability Insurance Case

The recent Massachusetts disability insurance case of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company v. Cotter gives a good example of the pitfalls that an insurer can face when dealing with an insurance company. This case involved an “own occupation” disability policy, which is disability insurance that pays benefits when an insured becomes disabled and is unable to return […] Read More