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Spoliation of Evidence Jury Instruction: Be Careful What You Ask For

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Category: bad faith

Spoliation of Evidence Jury Instruction: Be Careful What You Ask For

A recent Georgia Court of Appeals case highlights the dangers of requesting that a jury be given a charge...

Arizona Consumers: Watch out for Short Term Limited Duration Health Plans

This firm investigates short term health insurers and denied claims across the country. This article focuses on Arizona law...

Geico Indemnity Company vs. Whiteside

In a recent case, the Georgia Supreme Court held that Geico Indemnity Company was on the hook for a $2.9 million judgment against a...

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

Buying insurance is different than buying a car.  With insurance, the product that a person is buying is the...

More Americans Are Eligible for Comprehensive Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act

More Americans can now purchase comprehensive Affordable Care Act health insurance at Healthcare.gov due to new tax credits, expanded...

Junk Policy Alert!

Consumers continue to get ripped off by short term health care plans. As part of our continuing coverage and...

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