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Bad Faith in Disability Insurance Claims

“If I can’t work, what’s going to happen to my family?” It’s a question anyone whose been seriously injured or diagnosed with a serious illness is familiar with. Being unable to work comes with the stress and uncertainty of what’s going to happen to you and your family moving forward. Having the right legal team […] Read More

Insurance Companies’ Bad Faith Actions

It has come to light in recent years that insurance companies have wronged their policyholders. Throughout the country, policyholders are filing lawsuits against their insurance company because they were wrongfully denied compensation for personal injury related medical expenses. In these cases it is believed that the insurance companies are acting in bad faith, giving policyholders […] Read More

Stunning Admission By Aetna Healthcare Director Reveals He Didn’t Look at Medical Records Before Denying Payment for Life-Saving Medical Care

Medical care is an essential part of any properly functioning society. Accidents happen, people get hurt, others get sick —  for these reasons and more, the need for acceptable and affordable medical care is always prominent. When people suffer from severe illnesses or diseases that require treatment, the costs of such treatment is often very […] Read More

HCC Under Investigation For Short Term Health Care Policy Denials

Personal Insurance Disputes Attorneys in Birmingham As we have previously posted, we have been aggressively pursuing HCC Life Insurance in a case alleging that HCC denied our client’s major medical expenses for well over a year claiming that they needed more information. We now know that they had every record that they claimed that they […] Read More

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