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$34 Million Award to State Farm Policyholders


Alabama Life InsuranceLife insurance is one of those things everyone should have but no one really wants it to be used. One specific type is universal life insurance, which is meant to provide lifetime coverage and includes an interest-bearing savings account that the insurer deducts money from each month to cover the cost of the life insurance.

As it turns out, that monthly deduction was where State Farm had been systematically overcharging its policyholders in Missouri for 23 years.

That’s right — almost 24,000 current and former universal life insurance policyholders had been overcharged, resulting in a class action trial. It was a federal jury in Missouri that recently awarded those policyholders $34.3 million.

Overcharging Policyholders is a Common Action

While the aforementioned case is a solid win for those policyholders, it is not the only case that involves overcharging. There are several cases across the country that involve insurance companies overcharging universal life insurance policyholders.

The reason they get away with it is because insurance companies are able to hide their overcharging behind something called a “cost of insurance rate.” The average person does not know the math behind the actual rate they should be charged and the one their insurance company is overcharging them with.

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Experienced Attorneys Fight Insurance Companies

It is easy to believe that an insurance company is on your side and looking to help you. But the truth is that more often than not, they have their own agenda and it does not involve getting you what you deserve. The insurance claim attorneys at Johnstone Carroll, LLC are aware of this and knows what it takes to get you the justice you deserve.

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