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Alabama High School Students Killed in Car Crash

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Alabama High School Students Killed in Car Crash

Alabama Car Accident AttorneyAccording to authorities, a horrific crash claimed the lives of three male students at A.H. Parker High School in Alabama.

The three teenagers were spending a Saturday night enjoying an after-prom party before the incident occurred. One mother became worried when her son did not return home. Later Sunday morning troopers knocked on her door to confirm her worst fear: her only son was dead, along with his two friends.

First responders to the incident report that all three boys were pronounced dead upon arrival at the scene. The fatal car crash was still under investigation as the cause of the accident has yet to be determined.

Car Accidents Can Be Fatal or Catastrophic

While the exact cause of the accident is yet to be determined, there are two big factors that relate to teenage drivers and car accidents on the roads today. These two causes are distracted driving and driving under the influence.

Distracted driving accounts for roughly 25 percent of all motor vehicle crash fatalities and teens have been the largest group that reported being distracted while driving. In 2015, 391,000 injuries were caused by distracted driving while it was also a factor in 3,477 traffic deaths.

Distracted driving involves anything that takes a driver’s attention away from driving. The main cause is usually a cell phone or GPS but many other things fall under this category.

Things like reaching for food or drink, talking with passengers, messing with climate controls or the radio, or driver fatigue all constitute distracted driving. These actions can all lead to fatal or catastrophic consequences.

The problem is just as bad as driving under the influence. In 2016, 10,497 people died in alcohol-impaired driving incidents, which accounted for 28 percent of all traffic-related deaths that year.

Driving after drinking alcohol or doing drugs is extremely dangerous as they directly affect a person’s motor functions. Reaction time decreases and drivers are not able to safely operate a vehicle.

Again, these two actions are just two possibilities for what may have caused the aforementioned fatal car crash that claimed the lives of three teenagers.

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