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Negotiating With the Insurance Company When your Car is a Total Loss

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Negotiating With the Insurance Company When your Car is a Total Loss

  When your policy provides for payment of the actual cash value or replacement with one of the same...

Understanding Insurance Subrogation Rights from a Personal Injury Verdict or Settlement

“Why is my health insurance company entitled to a portion of my settlement?” “I do not owe my insurance...

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving in 2022 I was driving down I-65 yesterday when I saw a young woman on her phone....

Spoliation of Evidence Jury Instruction: Be Careful What You Ask For

A recent Georgia Court of Appeals case highlights the dangers of requesting that a jury be given a charge...

Arizona Policyholders’ Weapon: the Reasonable Expectations Doctrine

In Danner Motor Sales v. Universal Underwriters Insurance Company, the Arizona Supreme Court adopted the reasonable expectations doctrine as...

Kansas Governor Kelly Vetoes Short-Term Health Insurance Expansion

Johnstone Carroll commends Governor Kelly on her vetoing of a bill that would expand the availability of junk short...

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